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Tailored to suit the needs of startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), our widely acclaimed service, the Virtual Business Plus package, presents an all-encompassing solution. This comprehensive package comprises three essential components: a Registered Office Address, a Director Service Address, and a Virtual Business Address.

The utilization of a virtual business address serves as a strategic choice, particularly advantageous for startups and SMEs. It goes beyond mere functionality, as it significantly contributes to the establishment of a professional corporate identity. This, in turn, shapes a positive perception among clients and suppliers, creating the impression of an established business with its dedicated premises.

By incorporating our Registered Office Address and Director Service Address—encompassing all directors of your company—you not only enhance your professional image but also safeguard your personal privacy. These addresses can be formally registered with Companies House, reinforcing the protection of your confidential information.

As an added benefit,our Virtual Business Plus package extends access to well-equipped meeting rooms and a dedicated Business Lounge situated in the heart of Central London.This suite of features aims to offer not only practical advantages but also elevate your business stature, positioning you for growth and success in today’s competitive landscape.

Choose Virtual Business Plus +Mail Forwarding

1 Year Service


Virtual Business Plus

Choose from our prestigious addresses as your Virtual Business Address to portray a professional image

Regiestered Office Address

Director Service Address

option to Forward Scan or Collect Mail

Official & Business Mail Forwarding

FREE Limited Company Formation Option

Mail Sorted Daily

Voice Mail Received (On Web Browser or via our MYCO app)

Parcels & Packages Signed for

Client Portal (Manage your account and access your documents )

Increased Brand & Business Credibility

Networking opportunities

Registered Office Address

Choose from our prime UK locations in
Central London, Edinburgh or Ipswich.

Only £39.99 Per Year

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Commonly Asked Questions

Upon completing the online purchase of your Virtual Business Plus service, the activation process can be initiated immediately.Your access to the service is prompt and hassle-free.To get started,you’ll need to proceed with the upload of your identification documents and proof of address, a step that ensures your compliance with necessary regulations.This submission should be completed within seven days from the date of purchase.

By promptly fulfilling this requirement,you ensure the swift and seamless integration of the mail forwarding service into your business operations, enabling you to reap the benefits of enhanced professionalism and convenience.

For mail within the UK,we conduct forwarding on a daily basis, ensuring that you receive your correspondence without delay.
In the case of international mail,our forwarding process occurs twice a week. However we are flexible and will adjust according to any specific instructions or preferences you might have regarding international mail delivery. Your convenience and timely access to your mail are of paramount importance to us.

Indeed,there is a charge for the mail forwarding service.The cost of forwarding business-related mail to your designated location through 1st Class mail incurs a charge of £0.50p per item.It’s important to note that this base fee is subject to the additional postal charges required for the delivery.

Furthermore, it’s essential to mention that,unless specifically requested by you,we do not automatically obtain proof of postage for the forwarded mail. If you wish to have proof of postage as an added service,there will be an additional charge applicable.This enables you to tailor the service according to your preferences and needs.

To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to facilitate the verification process, you are requested to provide specific documents as proof of your identity and address. These can include a valid passport, a photocard driving licence, a government-issued ID card, an HM Forces ID card, a valid Student card, an employment ID card, or a disabled driver blue badge.

In addition to identity verification, proof of your address is also essential. Suitable documents for this purpose include a utility bill, a bank statement, a mortgage statement, or an HMRC Notice of Coding.

It’s crucial to complete this step within a span of seven days. After you’ve successfully placed your order, you will be guided to a designated location where you can upload the necessary ID and address verification documents. This process not only ensures your security but also streamlines the activation of your chosen services.

Getting started is uncomplicated.The first step involves selecting the package that aligns with your specific needs.Once you’ve made your choice, proceed by completing the order form provided.For your convenience,online payment options are available,including Stripe,Bitcoin,Visa,and any other preferred payment method you may have.If you encounter inquiries or possess unique requirements,feel free to connect with us through our live support channel.

Upon the successful submission of your order, our team will move swiftly to activate your account,ensuring it’s ready for immediate use.As a crucial follow-up, it’s recommended to monitor your email inbox. An automated email will be dispatched, confirming the intricate details of your order,along with the precise address designated for your utilisation.This email confirmation not only serves as a receipt but marks the initiation of your association with our suite of services.

Yes, we do accommodate parcels within certain parameters. Specifically, we can receive a maximum of 2 parcels per week. Each parcel should adhere to the dimensions of a standard shoebox (approximately 35x25x13cm) and should not exceed a weight of 3kg.

For parcel handling, please request a separate parcel address distinct from the main address. We have a designated process in place for parcels.

A parcel handling fee of £5 is applicable per parcel, whether it’s for collection or forwarding, in addition to the postage charges.

It’s important to note that parcels exceeding the size and weight limitations mentioned earlier will regrettably be declined. This is to ensure the efficiency and feasibility of our parcel acceptance policy.

Regrettably,our virtual office locations currently do not meet the eligibility criteria for inclusion within a ‘Google My Business’ profile on Google. However,it’s worth noting that we offer a solution to this predicament, which comes with a minimal fee.To explore this option further and determine its suitability for your needs,kindly engage with us for more information.

On a more positive note, certain smaller online business directories may permit the utilisation of our locations.This can serve as an alternative to showcase your business address within a digital context, albeit on platforms other than ‘Google My Business’.

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