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Top Design Explainer Videos Ready To Driver Your Business To Success !! Let Magnedoo Build Your Videos - Your In Good Hands.

High Quality videos that get the right message to the right people with the right visual graphic designs which is what we are known for.

With a great team of of highly skilled video specialists from animators-illustrators and editors to VO artists, we take your companies vision and make sure it translates into engagement and a + plus positive return on investment.

Dedicated project manager and design team

Best design skills available

Quick work production

Promote your business

Drive your brand across social media

Simple process hassle free

Design and pricing

Basic Videos

Typography & stock-footage videos



Duration : Up to 1 minute

Essential Videos

Custom 2D animation & whiteboard videos



Duration : Up to 1 minute

Iconic Videos

Premium quality isometric & custom animation videos



Duration : Up to 3 minute

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Our Video Design Process Is As Easy As 1-2-3-4…

A Great Team Ready Work 24-7 For You

Data-Project Information Collection and Bespoke Script Writing.

To get the ball rolling we will arrange a physical call in which you will share all information about your business products-services, and give us your vision of the video and the end goal and what you want us to achieve for you.

Our video designers and developers will then study your business and brands to fully understand your companies positioning and voice in the marketplace today.

A concept is then brainstormed and after the team’s input a bespoke script is finalized. The script is shared with you for feedback ready for step 2

Idea-Concept and Development

Upon gaining  your feedback which is then incorporated into a finalized  bespoke script. The developers and  video design team then moves onto the visualization of the bespoke script and concept and a storyboard that has been created just for you.

Video-Movie Production

Now your bespoke storyboard is designed and finalized for a last look before the video making process begins.

This is where our magic happens and our team of specialists get to work . Our video production uses the latest tech to edit, mix and create the perfect final video production.

Sound And Voiceovers

Your new bespoke video looks amazing but it needs a voice, to your target audience.

The right voice and music at the right time makes a perfect video. Our video design team makes sure your bespoke video hits all the right notes to ensure to keep your audience captivated with what’s in front of them as they watch your video.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love making videos and don’t forget we are a peoples company that wants to grow, We have various packages to help you pick out the one that fits your budget and your marketing needs. Simply contact us via live support or message us and we shall call you back and get started on your new project.

A  good well designed video with a nice voice is key, that fully engages with your target audience.Should  comprises of sharp and direct comments that clearly explain the video’s content. Interesting facts and statistics,questions that gains the viewer’s interest,relevant keywords, and fully optimized video descriptions are also key structures of a successful promotional video. Let us do the hard work for you we know what works.

It all depends on the type of video. A promotional video should not  exceed more than 1 minutes. A large percentage of viewers stop watching a video after one minute, and 50%-60% stop watching after two minutes so we believe best is short and lots  them.

Saying that if you have a highly interesting  topic as an explainer video or a how-to video, it could go on for about 3-5 minutes. Just make sure it’s interesting and engaging, so that your viewers don’t get bored Content is king! We will make sure the task is done correct no matter your project.

Give us the job we do it all for you.

A lot goes into making a good video that is fully engaging apart from the video content and aesthetic visuals. Choosing the correct platform based on your target audience demographic, using keyword-rich video descriptions that fully contribute to how your target audience responds and engages with your new video.

Magnedoo uses a wide variety of tools to maximize audience engagement with your new bespoke video.

Video content is the key effective marketing tools as it increases your conversion rates by over 70% and affects 90% of your customers buying decisions.

Magnedoo produces the very best in engaging, entertaining, and easy to understand videos to ensure a good return on investment for your business and substantially increase your profit and sales potential.

Videos and movies capture a wide and broad audience, engaging even the laziest of buyers, and effectively promote your products and services directly using social media and other PPC  methods.

Magnedoo we believe the video marketing strategy with your existing marketing strategy to improve your purchases, drive organic traffic to your website, and generate profitable conversions. 

Magnedoo always ahead of the game  let us  help you.

Videos get 1200%+ more shares, likes and engagement than text and images combined, which says more than enough about its KEY role in taking your business to the next level through enhanced online visibility using video and movie content.

Videos can pack a lot of information into a smaller time slot ,sound -text and images are all displayed at once . It’s said that a 60 second video is worth 1.8 million words. Your brain responds quicker to images and sound than it does by reading.

Magnedoo wants 100% customer satisfaction and offers unlimited video design and video content revisions to convey your brand voice to your target audience. Our professionals don’t rest until you’re satisfied with the final design and content of your new bespoke video.

it could not be simpler complete our online form request and we shall call you back or reach us via live support or our direct UK telephone number, we are here 24/6 to serve.

Don’t forget our motto The Customer Is Always Correct.

On all new orders across magnedoo network you can obtain % of your order as Cash Back in 12 to 18 months. We are working on Flexy.Money wallet system and i am hoping all vouchers will be added within the next coming 6 months. This is a greater way to reward  larger clients on big end  programming jobs -talk to us