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Has Your

Business Been Overpaid

On Its Energy Bills?

Our specialist team is here to help you find out if you have a claim for being mis-sold your energy contract. Find out within 2+ weeks if you are due thousands of Pounds £ back in compensation.

How Does Mis-Sold Energy Deals Affects you?

100,000s English businesses rely on an energy brokers to help them find the best deal on their business energy needs, with these brokers earning large commission on packages they source you.

Written within the law it is the duty of energy brokers to disclose any commissions they earn through a deal, but an increasing amount of brokers have often deliberately failed to disclose just how much money they are earning on commission.

Thousands of companies across the United Kingdom, Scotland-Wales and Ireland from small to to large-scale corporations and trusts, relying on the work of good brokers to get a business energy contract that’s right for there company.

By being Mis-Sold their energy contract, companies face paying large increases in additional payments that can heavily effect the profitability of there company: a particular concern in the ongoing energy and cost of living crisis.

Cases of Mis-Selling are on the increase, and your company should not miss out and potentially keep losing money every single month. Our totally free of charge charge online service is here to help you find out if you have been Mis-Sold your business energy deal.

The Key Warning Signs Of Being Mis-Sold Your Energy Business Contract

Our specialist team is here to help you find out if you have a claim for being mis-sold your energy contract. Find out within 2+ weeks if you are due thousands of Pounds £ back in compensation.
Our expert team have identified the key warning signs to help you find out if you were potentially mis-sold your business energy package:
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might have been Mis-Sold your energy agreement.

Inside the secret cost of commissions

Actual cost of your energy 15p/kWh

Commission paid to broker 3p/kWh

Your bill will show 18p/kWh
(which is paid to your supplier)

Your supplier pays the broker the 3p/kWh from your contract

£400m+ has already been paid back business across United Kingdom in redress payments.

UK Energy Refunds-NO-Win-No Fee

We are here to help you and reclaim your money

We understand it at this most  difficult of time for people and businesses up and down the country. Energy prices have spiraled, with many businesses looking at a 3 to  4  times the increase: so every penny matters.

Magnedoo mission is to help your businesses, regardless of size, reduce their energy bills and determine just how much they maybe being overcharged on on your previous  suppliers.

Magnedoo Energy Refund is here to process your claim status, provide the very best in free  expert legal advice and support in delivering your case to the energy  companies, and always look to recover the money you might be overpaying in Mis-Sold business energy contract commissions,let us get to work today on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take your case on a successful outcome, and all our cases are conducted on a no-win, no-fee basis,this means that unless you’re successful and receive financial redress, we don’t earn a penny for our services.

If we are successful, we will deduct our fee “”set out clearly and explained to you in full when you begin your claim”” from the compensation awarded. This means that you won’t owe us a thing throughout the process of your claim or at the end .

There are key similarities between Mis-Sold business energy deals and Mis-Sold financial agreements like PPI. The main points are  that unreliable brokers and suppliers failed to disclose how much commission was attached to your business contracts.

You can very easily ask your broker about the commission they charged you , but as the energy broker industry is currently unregulated, they have no obligation to openly declare just how much money they are earning off commissions attached to the deal they sold you.So our best advice is let Magnedoo take care of it all for you.

Many of our past and existing clients have a great relationship with their energy brokers, and we understand that this sense of trust is what got you your current energy provider. But it’s often signs of trust and promises of a fantastic business energy deal that are a warning sign of a Mis-Sold contract/ agreement.

If we can gain a successful claim for you, it’s likely the broker will offer to remove their commissions and lower your rates of energy or they may offer to cancel your existing contract altogether.We will always ask for your concent to have any such alterations applied to your account and ensure your business won’t go without energy.

A Third Party Intermediary , otherwise known as a TPI, is the name given to an energy broker that acts as a middleman between businesses and energy companies. It’s their job to find the best business energy deal for you. But recent findings show they may be adding extra, undisclosed commissions to your packages for their own benefit and so mankind the costs far to high.

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