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Our agency specializes in crafting engaging and informative articles for blogs, websites, and publications. Our skilled team of writers delivers high-quality content that resonates with your audience and showcases your brand, using research, creativity, and attention to detail. Let us help you communicate effectively with your target audience through the power of words.

What Do You Get With Our UK Company Formations Services

Engage, Educate, and Entertain with Our Expert Article Writing Services

Unlimited Revisions

Magnedoo writing service offers all its clients “unlimited revisions”, an unlimited number of changes to a piece of work, before it is accepted, at our expense. The customer is always right.

Fast Delivery

Receive magazine quality articles which will fully engage and inform your readers. Very Fast Turnaround. Receive articles in as little as 24-48 hours with express delivery.

Experienced Writers

Magnedoo has a team of specialized and highly skilled writers mostly from the United Kingdom and United States of America.

Unique Content

We strive ourselves as been the best at what we do, we are always looking for the next big idea and unique ways to drive sales traffic to our clients content. Employ the best.

Conversion Driven Articles

We at Magnedoo leverage voice-oriented writing tactics for various types of content, including landing pages,blogs,product pages,and product descriptions.

Target Audience Research

Magnedoo understands your target market is not “everyone” unless you are GOOGLE. Our key role is to define and identify smaller, relevant niche so you can dominate it. We will narrow your focus whilst expanding your reach.

Campaign Reports

For a few extra dollars we can supply campaign report, this is a marketing document that shows your business’s performance for a particular written or marketing campaign.

Brand Focused

Magnedoo believes in key areas of brand focus and business:a minimum competency to be financially successful, experience meaningful work, leadership, culture,vision, management and operations, marketing and sales, and money.

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Our Article Writing Packages

We offer a great range of article packages to help you find the right fit for you and your business. Whether you run a start-up, a small business or an established major brand, you’ll find a package that suits your needs order today and get a credit flexy money Cash back on every order.

Want to Sign Up for Magnedoo Bestpoke Article Writing Services?

Magnedoo, has a brilliant track record delivering high quality content for ourselves and our clients. Over the years, our bespoke articles-blogs and content sales tools have performed to the very highest level, we help businesses increase their footprint and maximize profit due to the high value of our content services.

We’re Ready When You Are To Start Developing Bespoke Content For Your Projects! Give Us A Call, And Our Team Will Work With You To Establish The Very Best Plan To Get Your Business In New Direction Today.

We generate more referral and social media traffic organically through keyword optimization within your articles at no additional costs.

We bring increased perceived expertise, authority, and relevance to your site.

Our team develop content that generates greater visibility on search engines leading to improved brand reputation.

Magnedoo excels in source demographic analytics for more effective audience targeting and so enabling your products to be seen by audiences who looking for what you promote.

Your present In-house writers and freelancers may lack the resources and expertise that magnedoo's staff have.

We develop key strategies that will be more profitable in conversions, higher quality leads, and greater profit potential.

Increased traffic to your website-blogs-marketing pages and sales pages.

Our main goal is to bring you greater band authority and enhanced brand image at cheaper rates than others.

How it Works


We initially start by handing over your project to our professional writers who then further research your market segment-sub-industry, brand, audience, and content demand. We then create an outline content plan (CP) accordingly and wait for your approval on the titles.

Writing & Optimization

Once you have approved the (CP),then our professional writers get to work. Our team writes high-conversion, value-added, and page-turning articles that build Google and Bing Authority and improve your sales. We also optimize the content to help you rank higher on Google SERPs.

Professional Editing

Once your article is all done, our editors work their skills. They ensure that the grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling are on track. They further rearrange the article until it’s not just a good article but an amazing one. Time to post- we are always ready help you post your articles to your servers for FREE if you need our HELP.

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