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Our PLC Package, available at a cost of only £124.99 +VAT , is the perfect solution for those aiming to establish a public limited company.

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Perfect for individual outside the uK

Our PLC Package, available at a cost of only £124.99 +VAT, is the perfect solution for those aiming to establish a public limited company.

Minimum of Two Directors

While a private company necessitates only one director, a public limited company mandates the presence of at least two directors.

Qualified Company Secretary

In line with the heightened corporate governance expectations of a public company, it is obligatory to appoint a suitably qualified company secretary during the incorporation process. This could encompass individuals such as chartered secretaries, chartered accountants, or solicitors.

Share Capital

A public limited company necessitates a minimum nominal share capital value of £50,000 upon incorporation. Additionally, a minimum of 25% of the nominal value of allotted shares must be paid up, amounting to a minimum of £12,500.

Acquiring a Trading Certificate

Before commencing trading operations, a public company must obtain a trading certificate from Companies House. This certificate serves as confirmation that a minimum of a quarter of the nominal value of allotted shares has been paid up. Our package includes the provision of this trading certificate.

Substantial Savings with this Package

If you were to purchase the individual components included in this package separately, the total cost would amount to £999.99. By selecting our comprehensive package at a price of £124.99 +VAT, you stand to save a substantial £875.00 +VAT.

Embarking on the journey of establishing a public limited company becomes more cost-effective and efficient with our PLC Package, empowering you to navigate the intricacies of this corporate structure with ease.

₤ 124.99+vat

Package Features:

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Frequently Asked Question

No, you can establish a UK limited company from anywhere globally. The sole prerequisites are having one director and one shareholder (who can be the same person), along with a 
registered office address within the UK (included in the Non-Residents Package).

No, you have the flexibility to form a limited company using any of our packages. However, this specific package caters to non-UK residents and provides optimal value for your  investment.

Certainly. If you prefer, you can opt for an alternative address. Remember, the Registered Office address must be located in the UK. The package cost remains consistent whether you choose to use the inclusive address services or not.

Regardless of your global location, all mail will be forwarded to you via email FREE or via post. The three address services within this package cover mail forwarding: registered office and service address mail will be scanned and emailed to you, at no charge. General business mail forwarding incurs the Royal Mail or Courier postage fee plus a 15% handling charge.

This feature empowers you to effortlessly enact changes to your company’s information. Submit your updates through our website, and we will ensure accurate updates are reflected at Companies House.

The confirmation statement, filed annually, offers Companies House up-to-date details about your company. This package incorporates the preparation and submission of your initial
confirmation statement.

No, this package does not encompass the filing of company accounts.

Mail originating from the registered office and service address (official government mail) will be scanned and emailed to you without extra charges. General business correspondence forwarding incurs the Royal Mail/courier postal charge plus a 15% handling fee.

Following the first year, address services can be renewed at the prevailing standard cost

In compliance with legal regulations, all company formation agents, including us, must verify Proof of ID and Address documents. Detailed information about our ID requirements can be found here.

Renewal of three address services is attainable for a total of £161.00. Additionally, the renewal of your confirmation statement service can be pursued annually at a cost of £44.99.