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Company Limited By Guarantee All In One Formations E-Package

"let's save paper, save our trees and save money on postage"

Available at an exclusive Special Offer rate of £139.99 +VAT, the Company Limited By Guarantee All In One Formations Package delivers exceptional value, resulting in substantial savings on our array of individual products and services.

Key highlights encompass our  central London address services (registered office, service address, and business address), alongside E-digital  company documents, as well as VAT registration.This package gives you all you need.

Who Should Consider This Package?

This package is perfectly suited for those who seek the privacy benefits provided by our registered office service and service address. Additionally, it offers the prestige associated with a prestige London business address complete with mail forwarding. Furthermore, it caters to those desiring a comprehensive range of company services, including VAT registration.

Cost Savings upon Package Selection

Should you opt to procure each component separately, the cumulative expense would amount to £399.99 + vat. By selecting the Prestige package at the discounted rate of £139.99+vat, you enjoy remarkable savings of £260.00.

Annual Renewal Expenses

Annual renewal of the Registered Office Service is available at a cost of £49.00 +VAT. The Service Address can be renewed annually for £59.00 +VAT. Renewal of the Business Address Service £59.00.Mail forwarding incurs a yearly fee of £136.00 +VAT. The Confirmation Statement Service can be renewed annually at a cost of £44.99 +VAT.

Key Attributes:

Prefer to order by telephone?

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Commonly Asked Questions

This package is all-encompassing, offering a limited Company by Guarantee a range of address services that ensure privacy and project a prestigious corporate image.

Included are meticulously produced printed company documents, an impressive London registered office address, a service address, a business address with mail forwarding, VAT registration, and the filing of the initial confirmation statement.

The business address service integrated into this package serves as your primary destination for everyday business mail. This means you can utilise our esteemed Prestige, London address on your website, business cards, and letterheads, among other platforms, thereby enhancing your company’s corporate image.

We promptly forward all mail to an address of your choice at Royal Mail postal rates plus a 15% handling fee. Mail is dispatched on the same day it’s received.

If your company’s projected turnover is set to exceed £85,000 in the coming 12 months, it becomes legally mandated to register your company for VAT. Voluntary registration is an option if your turnover isn’t expected to cross the £85,000 threshold. Some companies opt for voluntary registration to reclaim VAT paid on equipment and expenses, while also elevating their corporate image.

The process of limited company formation is remarkably straightforward. You need at least one director and one shareholder (these roles can be undertaken by the same individual), a registered office, and a minimum of one issued share per shareholder.
No documents or signatures are necessary. Simply take five minutes to complete our online form. Your company should be ready within 3 to 6 working hours some time dealsy if workload companies house.

If you decide within the initial 12 months of forming your company that you no longer require it, we will facilitate the closure of your company through our Company Dissolution Service.
This typically costs £99.99, hence availing this item can lead to substantial cost savings

As per legal regulations, all company formation agents, including us, are obligated to verify Proof of ID and Address.
Rest assured – over 99% of our clients smoothly pass our digital ID verification without any additional steps.

In cases where digital ID verification isn’t feasible or fails, don’t worry – nearly 99% of customers can provide their ID through our App using their smartphone.We handle all don’t worry.


Important Notes: