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Limited Company Formation E-Package: Digital Solution

"let's save paper, save our trees and save money on postage"

Priced at £29.99 plus VAT, our Digital company formation package offers a comprehensive collection of company documents delivered via email in PDF format.

This option is suitable if you….

You are working with a tight budget and require a fundamental limited company structure to launch your business swiftly.

Economical Benefits of Opting for this Package

While the overall value of our Digital company formation package is £49.99, it is conveniently accessible for purchase at just £29.99 + VAT, resulting in substantial savings of £20.00.

Costs for Annual Renewal

Renewal of individual items is unnecessary; a one-time expense of £22.99 + VAT covers all the components included in the package.

Key Attributes:

Prefer to order by telephone?

If you are not confident forming your company online – call our friendly team and we will complete your order by telephone.

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Commonly Asked Questions

The Digital Package is an ideal choice for those working within a budget yet seeking a swift launch for their business. This package encompasses online company registration with Companies House and a comprehensive set of digital company documents.
“let’s save paper, save our trees and save money on postage”.

No, it is not possible. To secure your desired company name and prevent others from using it, you must register a limited company under that name.
Companies House prohibits the establishment of companies with names that are either ‘the same as’ or ‘too similar’ to existing company names.

The displayed price is all-inclusive, reflecting the total amount payable. The formation of a new company incurs a £12.00 registration fee from Companies House, which we have already incorporated into our package price.
All inclusions within the package require only a one-time payment and do not necessitate renewal.

The process of online limited company incorporation is straightforward. There is no requirement for documents or signatures. However, the following essentials are necessary:

  • One director and one shareholder (the same individual can hold both roles).
  • A registered office address.
    Issuance of at least one share.
  • For further details, refer to: Information Needed for Company Setup.

Every company formation agent, including us, is obligated to verify Proof of ID and Address as per legal mandates.
Rest assured – more than 99% of our clients successfully pass our ID verification process without any additional steps.

A company limited by shares denotes a distinct legal entity separate from its proprietors. This type of limited company is overseen by directors and owned by shareholders.
Owners’ financial liability is confined to the value of their shares in the company, thereby justifying the term ‘limited by shares’.

Important Notes: